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MCX Tips.

MCX Tips

Get a quick overview of services provided by us in different MCX Tips 

Precious Metals (Gold and Silver) Tips Package-In this package.

We provide precious metals tips especially for those customers, who want to invest in precious metals like, Gold and Silver.

Our research experts provide the latest market updates through calls and newsletters.

Base metals + energy + precious metals tips package This package is best for those who trade in all segments of mcx.

Here we target all different commodities of the mcx market and gives intraday tips trading recommendation in base metal, energy, and precious metals.

This package is best for those who are willing to take high risk in the market.

Here, we offer intraday trading recommendations in gold and silver.

If you are looking for earning maximum returns from intraday tips movements in major commodities then this is the right package.

MCX Tips.

Swing MCX package :

Not every trader wants to get involved in intraday trading. This package is designed especially for traders who aim for long term returns from the market by holding their position.

Here, positional mcx calls for Three-five days are being offered.

We have designed a special package for HNI clients, you can visit Premium MCX Tips Packages. Now you can also customize your product according to your needs.

We believe a well-informed trader always performs better and therefore we facilitate our customers to stay updated with market updates through our newsletters and daily market reports.

MCX Tips

  • Multi Commodity Exchange Aluminium Tips
  • Mcx Aluminium highly affected by Prices ruling in the international markets, Indian rupee and US dollar exchange rates
  • Also Economic factors: industrial growth, global financial crisis, recession, and inflation influence the prices.
  • Commodity Aluminium has a Value of Rs 5000 per 1 Point in the Commodity Market of India. Mcx Alumini has Rs 1000 value per 1 point chance.

Mcx Copper Tips

  • Copper Tips includes free Copper Intraday Calls, Copper Positional Calls & Copper Commodity Trading Calls from Experts
  • Mcx Copper has Value of 1000 per 1 Point
  • Now a Days Mcx Copper is a highly traded commodity.

Mcx Crude Oil Tips

  • Mcx Crude Oil – Crudeoil is One of the most traded commodities in Mcx Commodity Market of India
  • Factors Influencing the Crude Oil Prices in Mcx Market – OPEC output or supply, Changing scenarios in oil demand from emerging and developing countries, US Crude Inventory and product inventories, Refinery Utilization rate, Global geopolitics, Speculative buying, and selling & Weather conditions.
  • Mcx Crude oil 1 point change is equal to ₹. 100 and Crude Oil Mini 1 point value is
  • Epic research limited has proven itself best in procuring best MCX Tips& depicts with most precise recommendations to our clients in base metals, precious metals, energy, and gas.

Every individual trader has different needs and goals, in order to facilitate traders to meet those goals in the most efficient manner.

MCX Tips Packages

We have designed different packages for them.

MCX Tips.

Base metals + energy + precious metals (BEP) tips package :

  • This package is designed Epic research limited has proven itself best in procuring best MCX Tips & depicts with most precise recommendations to our clients in base metals, precious metals, energy, and gas.
  • Every individual trader has different needs and goals, To justify the needs and goals of them we have designed different packages for them.
  • Get a quick overview of services provided by us in different MCX Tips Packages:

Precious Metals Tips Package:

  • In this package, we provide precious metals tips especially for those customers, who want to invest in precious metals like, Gold and Silver.
  • for those who trade in all segments of mcx. Here we target all different commodities of mcx market and gives intraday trading recommendations in base metal, energy, and precious metals.

Precious Metals Tips Package :

  • Traders who take high risk in the market this package is for them. Here, we offer intraday trading recommendations in gold and silver. This package for those who want to get high returns from intraday in commodities.

Swing MCX package:

Traders who want to get in intraday trading, this package is for them. It is beneficial for those who want to long term returns by holding their position. Here, positional MCX calls for 3-5 days are being offered.

Intraday is a bit risky cause you have to decide what you want on the same day. It is not easy to predict the commodity market on the same day.

We have designed a special package for HNI clients, you can visit Premium Packages.

Now you can also customize your product according to your needs.

Multi Commodity Exchange Trading Tips Of Beginners

For someone entering the commodity market is a bit risk that beginners don’t have much knowledge about the market so it is important to have some kind of information or say tips about market and trade.

Patience: It is possible for us to be overconfident while investing but it could lead to your downfall. You have to keep patience before entering into the market.

guidance is very important while entering into the market. We provide tips that can help you to understand the market and earn profit from it which is the main goal of every trader.

Diversify Investment: Always try to invest in different commodity products because keeping all the eggs in one basket could harm you.

MCX Tips.

Be Focused: It’s important to be in focus on what you want from trade. Do not believe what you hear because each and every individual has different opinions about the market.

So listening to them can cause you to lose so it’s better to blame yourself than to blame someone for their advice.

Ask For Help:  There are a number of people who are ready to help people who are lost in a trade. Approaching a good analyst for help can be a good idea.

Market Difference: People who know the difference between the stock market and the commodity market can make it to the commodity as well. It is easy for us to confuse ourselves between both the market, but one should know that both of these are separate markets and different strategies are there.

Risk: There is so much risk in the commodity market but at the same time there is so much profit is also there.

So the trader should understand this while trading.

MCX Trading Rules

Do not trade with second thought or in overconfidence. You may incur repeated losses if you are scared of the markets or heavier ones if you are overtly brave and foolhardy.

Keep the patience when your trade positions are going the right direction to get the maximum gains and ensure the gains by updating the stop-loss level, time and again. Don’t be overconfident here or else you may book gains pre-maturely & may later repent on exiting early. This may tend you to keep on re-entering the same trade at further levels & repeatedly exit at small reversals in panic which in turn would get you minimum profit and get losses.

Do not get overconfident when trades have hit the suggested stop-loss levels be in the senses and make sure you exit there. There are possibilities that you may miss better and multiple opportunities on being stuck in deals gone wrong leading to higher and higher losses each day.

Be a private person and do not discuss your open positions with anyone. This will confuse you more, as everyone has their own senses so they will advise you according to their knowledge and all would air their own views on the same (whether knowledgeable or not) and many times, would make your trade decisions seem as foolishly and hastily taken. If only you would have consulted them earlier. So try to follow your own instincts.

The most important thing to have an investment as many times people borrow funds from others to trade which is not a night thing.

Many times traders in excitement borrow funds and invest in a trade which is not the right thing to do. As you cant always gain return as many times traders incur losses.

Commodity Trading Tips

The market is volatile and you won’t have an idea where it will go. Trade only with your own funds that are spare-able and prepare yourself mentally in loosing even that in totality, in the worst case.

Be focused so that when you stuck in a bad situation and you realize that you are in a bad situation and so exit fast. It’s important to keep your mind in focus.

Prepare yourself for any situation as anything could happen in the market. Many times bad situation you need to pray for relief at each rise or fall in a trade so that you do not lead yourself into heavy losses.

You should not be overconfident and try to be in the situation and watch the market be honest to yourself as hoping or praying for something different than the actual reality or situation is nothing less than fooling your own self.

Many traders think that they can get a big profit in the market all the time which not right to think. If someone is thinking of getting a big profit overnight then they must be overconfident.

There is nothing such sky-high profit makings overnight. Yes, one can earn a big profit but for that, you have been disciplined and focused trader in the market. Having knowledge and update of the market is also important.

A trader should not thing like there will be good or bad in these markets. There is always have one side of the market it’s not good or bad. There is only one side to the markets which is the right side at the right time.

Things To Know About MCX

Don’t confuse yourself by thinking of something that is not in your control. So always be focused and don’t do extra and confusing yourself and choose the wrong path. Because in these cases you could lose your money and your confidence.

Many traders started averaging in a loss-making position which is also recommended by the adviser. And it also leads you to more big losses. But we don’t recommend this because you are the one who incurred losses, not the adviser who is advising you. One more important thing which one needs to understand nowadays is putting all your eggs in one basket could dangerous for the day trader. Investing in different commodities could lower the risk of big losses. That’s why many experienced traders advise the trader to diversify the investment. The market is very volatile so many you entered something could go wrong but having invested in the different products could save you by getting profit in other traders.

Don’t judge commodity by the big name of it. Always try to understand one thing about the commodity that will give you the profit. Always look at all commodities as a product to get profit from. So don’t be biased to a commodity.

Many times what happened trader uses the same idea and techniques in all the trades. This is not right as a market update every day, techniques and ideas change every day. So one should update the techniques and ideas according to the market and its behavior.

How To Trade In Crude Oil

Crude oil trading holds great interest in trading among traders. The key reason is it offers high liquidity. Crude oil offers excellent opportunities for profit irrespective of the market conditions. Direct investment with crude oil as a commodity or through ownership of related equities can be done.

Direct Methods To Trade In Crude Oil

Own Crude Oil As Commodity: You can invest in crude oil by purchasing oil futures or oil futures options. They differ largely in terms of the buyer and seller contracts as well as the obligations concerned by either party. These contracts are exchange-traded. Futures are considered highly volatile.

Exchange-Traded Funds: The commodity-based oil traded funds or oil ETFs trade on the stock exchange and can be bought or sold like stocks. The exposure to the amount of crude oil would depend on the amount of money one invests.

Indirect Methods To Trade In Crude Oil

This involves buying energy-sector ETFs or energy-related mutual funds. These financial instruments are energy-specific which means they invest only in the stocks of oil and oil service companies. Lower risk is involved in this process.

Thing To Know While Trading In Crude Oil

Knowing crude oil contracts, the exchanges that deal with these futures trading, and aspects that affect the prices are important. Risk management through hedging or other approaches can prove to be very helpful for traders.

The method for managing risk can be valuable to all stakeholders. There are several sources to base one’s investment in crude oil.

Understanding the trend and related charts are of immense importance. Learning what drives this commodity, its long-term price history and the various physical grade differences will help investors who wish to trade oil futures.

Gold Trading Tips

If you are trading in gold you have to remember certain things before getting into it. Update yourself with the proper knowledge of the market and have a proper plan and strategies to trade in the gold.

Always Have Plan: Always go with the plan. Trading with real money might be a risk. And it will be a big risk if you trade without having a proper plan with you. That means know what you’re buying and selling, how much you’re going to trade and when you’re going to trade it.

Manage Risk: Its important to have a strategy to manage the risk of trading in the market. By having a strategy you can make sure that you will lose the amount that you can afford. Without one of these, your time as a day trader could be extremely short-lived.

Ready To Learn: To be a successful trader you have to ready to learn the tactics of the market. Market changes its behavior every day and you have to update yourself to keep yourself in the market. You can not survive in the market without keeping the knowledge about the market.

Believe In Facts: Always have a strategy based on the facts. Many times trader get excited after getting a big profit and then started trusting on the theories which are wrong. Don’t fall into this trap. Let facts and figures guide your decision-making processes.

Learn From The Mistakes: Too many traders lose and then blame it on the market and repeat the same mistake again. By not taking responsibility you won’t learn from your mistakes. Whatever happens, point the finger at yourself, As nobody knew your mistake better than you. So always take responsibility and learn from your mistakes.

Gold Trading Strategies

It’s important to have a strategy while trading in the market. Strategies lower the risk of losses.

Movers Of The Market: As is the case with any other trading market, it is imperative that you first get a strong grip over the factors that influence the price of gold.

A number of variables determine the price of gold including the usual macroeconomic variables such as the Interest Rate, Inflation, perceptions of people and of course, supply and demand.

Know Your Crowd: Always remember there are so many trading in the market. You’re one of them. There are so many of traders in the market dealing in different situations.

Broadly, there will be gold bugs (long-term hoarders) and there will be short-term players.

Gold bugs are in for the long haul and will hardly be deterred by downtrends that filter out somewhat less ideological players.

Encode The Trend: Investment requires proper time and commitment. Wake early and understand the market obviously helps and understanding the gold price chart goes a long way in improving your knowledge.

Study the trends, understand its behavior, the reasons for sudden ups and down and try to develop your own reasoning based on historical events.

Based on this reasoning and statistical tools, you can anticipate future trend movements and predict their outcome.

Learn Trading Techniques: There are virtually thousands of gold trading mechanisms and techniques are available to analyze your data and to give you exact and accurate figures which help you understand the trends and patterns of gold.

The seemingly difficult platforms are commonly used by industry specialists and gold trading companies and in actuality, are not that difficult to use.

Silver Trading Tips

Many traders like to trade silver because it has many benefits from a traders point of view It has high liquidity. Intraday traders like to trade it as it gives more benefits than gold during the past due to it being a big market. Because of its volatility, it gives benefits to big intra-day market volatility.

Diversification:  Because of the no correlation to other metal, the volatility of silver is low. So it is important to diversify the investment. As we discussed earlier, always try to invest in different commodity products because keeping all the eggs in one basket could harm you.

Safe: Trading in commodity could be a safe option if you are trading it in the economic uncertainty or market turbulence. The best thing about the silver and commodity that it can retain its price even when the market is not going good and other products are facing downfall.

Safe In Inflation: One of the importance of trading in the commodity is that even in inflation the price of the commodity remains the same. The downfall in the currency doesn’t affect the price of the commodity.

Price Speculation: Commodity is highly volatile and while trading in the commodity you experience wild swings in the market. But if we talk about the silver


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