MCX Natural Gas Trading Strategy

MCX Natural Gas Trading Strategy.

MCX Natural Gas Trading Strategy.

Natural gas futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) have climbed 69% in the last three months while gaining ~68.6% in the overseas markets.

Currently, natural gas is trading at Rs335.50 near its four-year-high on the MCX, driven by expectations of colder-than-normal.

The weather over the coming weeks and concerns about low inventories during winter.

On the other hand, natural gas price is also trading above its 100-DEMA (Day Exponential Moving Average) on the weekly chart, an indication that the medium-term trend remains up.

MCX Natural Gas Trading Strategy

Furthermore, the momentum indicator MACD has also shown a positive crossover.

On the weekly chart, which suggests more upside momentum in prices in the coming trading session.

The price of natural gas fluctuates from moment to moment, as it is publicly traded on an exchange.

Day traders don’t assess the “real” value of natural gas. Instead, day traders profit from daily price.

Fluctuations in the commodity, attempting to make money whether it rises, falls or its value stays nearly the same.

The number of participants also increased to 514 per day in August from 250 per day in July.

MCX currently offers three contracts in natural gas. It also has a tie-up with the NYMEX under which it will be licensed to offer contracts in India from Nymex.

The worlds largest energy market, including the benchmark West Texas Intermediate light, sweet crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, gasoline and propane futures.

The Multi Commodity Exchange, which trades 70 commodities in the worlds second-fastest-growing major economy, records an average daily turnover of Rs 7,000 crore, according to data provided by the course.

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mcx natural gas trading strategy


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Natural Gas

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Oil inventories will always affect crude oil prices in MCX INDIA.

Usually, the U.S Energy Information Administration releases an oil inventory report on Wednesdays.

EIA is a principal agency that covers data on coal, petroleum, electric, natural gas, renewable and nuclear energy.

Distribute the details of its products, analyses report to customers first through its website.

And the customer contact center after conducting a broad data collection program that covers the full range of energy sources.

mcx natural gas trading strategy

EIA measures the weekly changes in the number of barrels of commercial crude oil held by US companies.

An upward movement in the US stock market could support oil demand and its price. The US is the largest crude oil consumer.

The inventory level will influence the price of petroleum products.

Which affect crude oil price. Russia and Saudi Arabia were pumping more than 10 million barrels of crude oil in a day.

So it becomes the two biggest crude oil producers in the world.

However, crude oil price increases if the US crude oil inventory increases less than what we expected.

The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) is India’s first listed exchange.

Natural Gas Investing

MCX started its operation in November 2003. MCX offering more than 55 commodities is the largest commodity exchange in India.

The MCX is an India-based holding exchange that offers to trade in various segments such as bullion, ferrous and nonferrous metals, energy and agricultural commodities .

MCXEnergy and MCXMetal are other commodity indices built-up by the Company. In India’s commodity market.

The total trade value at the end of the year 2015-2016 was INR 555164431.86 Crore.

MCX is India’s leading commodity derivatives exchange with its presence in more than 1200 cities and towns across India as on 30 September 2017.

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