Penny Stocks List

Penny StocksList.

Penny Stocks List

Penny Stocks are very favourable stocks which will always trade by newbie and expert traders.

These stocks are a very great choice for those beginners who want to learn how to start investing with a small amount.

These stocks are very risky investments that can make a huge impact on new and experienced investors alike.

Unfortunately, penny stocks have a bad image between the trading community, but penny stocks did not deserve this reputation.

Penny Stocks List.
Penny Stocks List.

But when you find out that after using some strategies you can easily avoid the losses in penny stocks, and you can make a huge profit.

First Adviser is the Best SEBI Registered Stock Advisory Company in India. We provide you with the best penny stocks list.

But the newbie’s who did not aware of this minor pitfall in penny stocks will easily lose their money.

Penny Stocks List

These stocks are called penny stocks because it is available at the price of a penny and it is available at a very low stock cost in the range of Rs.1 to Rs.10.

How To Identify Best Penny Stocks?

It is very difficult to identify the best penny stocks. You can follow the method given below to find out the best penny stock for investment.

  • The company should be in business for several years.
  • The product and services of these stocks must be real and visible.
  • Promoter holding in this stock should be reasonable 30-40% minimum.
  • The stock should be less volatile.
  • The Company should have potential in terms of business and earning profits.
  • In fact, the Company should be competent in the respective sector.

So here are some Pros and Cons are shown which makes you easy to decide if you want to invest in penny stocks or not.

Penny Stocks List.
Penny Stocks List.


  • If you properly identify the penny stock then it can give you a huge amount of return from 100% to 3000%.
  • In fact, you can purchase penny stocks in bulk because it is less in price.
  • Sometimes, due to a specific period, some stocks are becoming penny stock and it can give you huge returns.


  • The most important drawback of penny stocks is that because we don’t know that stock will rise or fall.
  • Sometimes penny stocks will become your nightmare because it will get delists and you will not able to sell it.
  • It becomes difficult to exit from penny stocks due to the trading volume of the penny stock.

Should You Buy These Stocks

Penny Stocks get very popular among the traders who have a little start-up capital and it is a good medium of investment.

Sometimes penny stocks give you profit and sometimes loss, but if you are using proper tips and strategies then the chances of profits increases.

If you are a newbie investor then investing in penny stock is like gambling for you. But don’t worry, First Adviser is here to help you in Penny stocks trading.

Should You Buy These Stocks.
Penny Stocks List.

You are investing money in the company with no fundamental in the hope of earning a big return.

If you are an investor who wants to earn profits in the long run then penny stock not right for you.

But if you want to earn high reward then penny stocks are perfect for you because it is a high-risk game.

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