Share Market Tutorial

Share Market Tutorial.

Share Market Tutorial

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Share Market Tutorial.
Share Market Tutorial.

The name of the share market has all been heard, and the one who has not heard always has the same question in mind that,

What is Share Market because the information of Share does not available in simple language.

Market information is hard to find.

Share Market Tutorial

Share Bazar’s information, Why are only limited to some people?

So, today we will try to give you the information about the Share market.

There are many people who want to invest in the Share Market but they do not have much information on the Share Market,

Nor do they know how to invest in Share Market, which is why many people do not invest in it and leave it.

Just like making money in the Share Market,

It is very easy to lose money in the Share Market.

Share Market Tutorial.
Share Market Tutorial.

But this can be avoided if you get as much information as possible about your Share Market and consider it.

Share Market is made up of two words that are Share Market,

If we also, try to understand Share Market in two parts, then we will understand it easily.

The share has a direct meaning of share.

Talk in the language of Share Market, then share means to share in companies!

For example, one company has issued shares of a total of Rs 1 lakh.

You buy as many shares as per company proposal, you own a proportion of the percentage in that company,

You can sell shares to any other buyer whenever you want.

And, you can buy maximum shares ranging from 100.

Share Market is the market where the share is,

  • Sold or
  • Bought

The company that sells shares in the stock market is registered.

To be listed on the Share Market, the company has to compromise a written agreement with the market.

If a company does not comply with the listing agreement rules, Sebi does the action to make it delist (out of the list).

Strategy For Beginners.

The main purpose of SEBI is to provide protection of the interests of Indian stock investors.

Hence, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), controls the entire market.

Friends, you have come to understand that What is Share Market.

But now you must be thinking that How to invest in Share Market and How to buy Share.

We want to tell you that to earn money from Share Market, first of all,

You should have an account with the name Demat Account!

Strategy For Beginners.
Share Market Tutorial.

Just as the bank can deposit the money in the account.

In the same way, all the securities relating to your investment in the Demat Account are saved, like,

  • Share,
  • Bonds,
  • Government securities, etc.

Therefore, if you have to buy or sell stock from the Share Market, then you must have a Demat Account.

If you have less information about Share Market or you are descending for the first time in this Share Market,

And if you want to invest in Share Market but do not know what to do and how to do so today we give you some tips.

But before that one needs to know, everyone wants to earn money from the stock market.

Many times people are trapped by the untilled investment by looking at friends and relatives and loses their money whenever they invest in the stock market.

Introduction To Stock

Do it with your understanding.

And know how much risk it can be, because the way in which money is very easy to make in the Share Market, it is also very easy to lose in the Share Market.

However, if you keep more information about the Share Market yourself and invest in your understanding,

You will get a loss in trading.

The time of the share market is only five days a week, that is from Monday to Friday.

The market is open for 15 minutes from,

  • 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.
Introduction To Stock.
Share Market Tutorial.

You can buy your own share at that time and Can sell.

If you want to earn money in the Share Market,

You will first have to learn to read,

  • Company’s Balance Sheet and
  • Result

And have more information about Share Market.

Always keep in mind to make money in the Share Market,

That we buy the company’s shares in the top company in the market and who are in the list of Bse and Nse,

So before taking a company’s share, take the full details of that share.

Start with a small amount in the Share Market,

So that your more money will not be lost,

Initially invest only a name and get experience,

Do not apply for the big money at the right price.

Sometimes people buy some shares and they benefit,

But they think that if you have a little more profit then sell it then your money gets trapped in the market

and because of that, you can not buy any other shares again.

Never invest any money on interest in Shares, put your money in the stock which you have extra exposure.

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