Top 10 Best Shares To Buy

Top 10 Best Shares To Buy.

Top 10 Best Shares To Buy

For beginners, it is advisable that,

They should not start their journey,

With the high-risk high beta stocks,

Which can let beginners get in losses.

It has been seen that many new investors invest money in trading but then they never recover that money after losing it.

Once the disappointment sets in,

You do not want to ever invest again.

Top 10 Best Shares To Buy.
Top 10 Best Shares To Buy.

So, it is better to set focus on quality stocks,

Which are not very high beta and have sound fundamentals.

We can discuss some names of the stocks,

Which you can consider with the low risk.

Top 10 Best Shares To Buy 

So they are,

Jagran Prakashan – It is a leader in most of the businesses it operates.

During the election time, we see there are higher revenues from advertisement spent, hence, “Dainik Jagran” is the No 1 newspaper in the country.

So, in most of the verticals,

Jagran Prakashan is the leading player.

NLC – It is a company that is engaged in power generation.

The government-owned NLC India.

So, at a price of Rs 88,

Government-owned company to have announced a buyback of shares.

The company is a cash-rich company,

Which is why it has engaged in a buyback of shares.

There is some protection, hence the dividends being offered means,

That the shares are unlikely to go low.

Recently, Coal India has entered into a pact with NLC India,

To set up a joint venture for power generation.

Top 10 Best Shares To Buy.
Top 10 Best Shares To Buy.

Hero Motor Corp – It is one of the auto stocks.

It has noticed that this stock has fallen considerably,

In the last few weeks,

On account of slowing momentum.

But we might see demand pick-up once again,

On the election outcome,

With a stable government

To boot rural income,

It could be one of the beneficiaries of several schemes launched by the Government.

Trading Strategy For Beginners

This company is one of the largest two-wheeler players in the world.

Also, the company has a substantial rural market.

Jammu and Kashmir Bank – From the private sector space, it can be counted as one of the cheapest banking stocks to own.

With 85 percent of its deposit from the home state,

The bank has a very dominant share,

In its home state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hence, with other banks to a certain extent,

This protects the bank from,

Interest rate competition.

TV Today Network – It is among the top media houses in the country.

Apart from interests in radio and digital,

It runs popular news channels like,

  • Aaj Tak,
  • Tez,
  • And India Today.

However, going ahead,

We expect a vastly improved performance,

As the company looks to consolidate its position.

Trading Strategy For Beginners.
Top 10 Best Shares To Buy.

Coal India – To buy the shares of Coal India,

There are many reasons.

With solid coal reserves,

The company is a cash-rich company.

In addition, it faces very limited business risks.

The stock is also available at a price,

To earnings of less than 10 times,

Which makes it an attractive bet.

Hence it can be considered a good stock to bet on Coal India,

Which provides steady dividends with risk from elections rather high.

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